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Soymi - B Grade Street Food Series - Rice Cake, Kimbap, Soondae - 2 Acrylic

Soymi - B Grade Street Food Series - Rice Cake, Kimbap, Soondae - 2 Acrylic

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*Please note that this is a B grade item which has a discounted price* See slide 3

Design Information:

Soymi is at it with a nice cheese pull on some spicy rice cakes. Surprising she doesn't have a bottle of soju to accompany it... unless she drank it already. She is in a yellow tent called a Pochangmacha where you can have a seat and eat delicious street food. I think she may be saving those mini kimbaps and soondae (blood sausage) later. 

Order Details:
Includes one (1) Acrylic Double Epoxy Charm - Soymi Street Food
Special inclusion: (1) 1.0" Rainbow Acrylic charm with additional hook.

Product Details:
Double epoxy charm: Total Length = Approximately 5" in Length with hook 

1st Charm: 2.5"

2nd Charm: 1.5" *Please note slight imperfections on slide 3 by the speech bubble*

Special Inclusion: 1.0" *If you would like to add it as your third charm*

Note: Colors may appear different due to screen lighting differences
Characters and designs by me, professionally printed for quality

Shipping Information:
*Please ensure that your address is correct upon check out. I will not be held responsible for items shipped to an incorrect address on file.
**Once item has shipped, changes or additions to an order is unable to be made. In circumstances where item is sent back to me, the buyer is responsible for additional shipping costs.

What is a B Grade?

Item has slight imperfections which don't match to usual standards. Can include minor scuffing, printing issue, misalignment, etc. Please refer to the details of the product item which will specify the type of issue. 

Design by Milki Bunns, All Rights Reserved.
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